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Turbine Exhaust Roof Vent Large (9 Pack) HO, S & O Scale

Turbine Exhaust Roof Vent Large (9 Pack) HO, S & O Scale

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Enhance the realism of your buildings with our turbine exhaust roof vents. These meticulously crafted miniature vents capture the essence of industrial architecture, infusing your diorama scenes with authenticity and charm. Expertly designed to add realism to your structures, these turbine exhaust roof vents are perfect for industrial complexes, factories, and warehouses. Elevate your scale layouts to new heights of realism with these functional and eye-catching details. Let your diorama scenes come to life with these turbine exhaust roof vents!

In the early 20th century, as industrialization surged, so did the need for effective ventilation in factories and large-scale buildings. This gave rise to the development of turbine exhaust roof vents, a brilliant innovation that harnessed the power of natural wind currents to enhance air circulation and reduce heat buildup within industrial structures. The spinning turbines, strategically placed on rooftops, would react to even the slightest breeze, creating a suction effect that efficiently expelled hot air, fumes, and pollutants, thus improving working conditions and worker productivity. Over time, these iconic rooftop vents became emblematic of industrial architecture, symbolizing progress and innovation in manufacturing facilities across the globe. Today, turbine exhaust roof vents remain an essential feature in industrial settings, offering both functional benefits and a nostalgic reminder of an era marked by monumental advances in engineering and technology.

Scale(s): HO Scale
Sizes Width x Depth x Height (Quantity)
8.7 mm x 8.7 mm x 9.2 mm (9)
Materials: Resin
What you need to know:
Parts DO NOT ship painted or primed and my require assembly. Parts may ship with supports that require removal. Use of snips is recommended to remove supports to avoid damage. Handle parts with care as they can be brittle.

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