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Road Signs Turns & Curves (12 pack) HO Scale 1:87

Road Signs Turns & Curves (12 pack) HO Scale 1:87

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Elevate the authenticity of your diorama or model railroad layout with our meticulously crafted Diamond-Shaped Road Signs Set. This HO scale set includes a variety of signs that signify important road conditions, including turns and curves. Each sign is expertly designed to capture the essence of real road signs, making them ideal for enhancing the realism of your scenes. Whether you're creating a bustling cityscape or a tranquil countryside, these finely detailed signs add an extra layer of authenticity to your scale model scenes.

The history of road signs in the United States is closely tied to the development of the nation's transportation infrastructure. As automobile use grew in the early 20th century, so did the need for standardized road signs to ensure safe and efficient travel.

Diamond-shaped road signs, often used for warning and regulatory purposes, became prominent features on American roadways. These signs were used to communicate essential information to drivers, helping them navigate various road conditions.

Scale(s): HO Scale
12 x diamond shape signs
1 x decals (15 signs)

Quantity: 12 per pack
Width: 12.8 mm
Depth: 1.8 mm
Height: 32.8 mm (with post 43.7 mm)
Materials: Resin

What you need to know:
Parts DO NOT ship painted or primed.
Handle parts with care as they can be brittle.
Parts ship with supports that require removal.
Use of snips is recommended to remove supports to avoid damage.
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