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Road Signs Intersections (12 pack) HO Scale 1:87

Road Signs Intersections (12 pack) HO Scale 1:87

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Elevate the realism of your diorama road networks with our finely crafted Intersection Road Signs. These miniature signs replicate the iconic diamond-shaped signs used to indicate intersections, adding authenticity and clarity to your HO scale layouts. Whether you're modeling bustling urban crossroads, suburban junctions, or serene rural intersections, these detailed signs enhance the visual storytelling of your scenes, making them more engaging and true to life.

The history of intersection signs, denoted by their distinctive diamond shape, traces back to the evolution of road safety standards in the mid-20th century. As communities expanded and road networks became more complex, it became essential to provide motorists with clear information about upcoming intersections.

The adoption of the diamond shape for these signs was a significant development in road signage. It allowed for standardized symbols and messages that effectively conveyed the presence of an intersection ahead. Whether it's a rural crossroads, a city junction, or a highway interchange, these signs have played a crucial role in guiding drivers safely through intersections.

Scale(s): HO Scale
12 x diamond shape signs
1 x decals (15 signs)

Quantity: 12 per pack
Width: 12.8 mm
Depth: 1.8 mm
Height: 32.8 mm (with post 43.7 mm)
Materials: Resin

What you need to know:
Parts DO NOT ship painted or primed.
Handle parts with care as they can be brittle.
Parts ship with supports that require removal.
Use of snips is recommended to remove supports to avoid damage.
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